It Is My Store

All Canadian Gear, a corporate and sports team promotional goods and services company, contacted Shift Up Consulting to fix their ageing and developer unsupported multi-store e-commerce store. Upon reviewing their current store set up, we both agreed that a new build of their store would leave them placed best for the future.

Using the look of their previous store with the ability to easily change colours and fonts on a per store basis, we seamlessly integrated our new functionality with the look their existing clients were used to. After integrating all the store components they already had, including the ability to use the Moneris hosted pay page, we built in some new very cool services.

Firstly, each of the product options can have an image attached to it (you can see what a crimson vs. ruby red shirt looks like) that enlarges for the user when moused over. Additionally, products that are size dependent display custom sizing charts for the user. is also the first store we've worked with that has accurate, real time shipping pricing numbers from Canada Post. In the back end for the store, the administrators enter the length, width, height and weight of an item and our software talks to Canada Post to instantaneously get shipping rates for that item. It also groups like items (10 t-shirts) on an order and 'boxes' them all together to save on shipping costs for the user.

If you're looking to have a corporate store for promotional goods for your customers or staff, take a look at for a solution.


  • Run multiple websites under one website (portal websites)
  • Update portal colors/images/look
  • E-commerce store
  • Different product offerings on each portal
  • Product options display dynamically
  • Live Canada Post shipping pricing
  • Moneris payment

Products Used: ASP.NET, MS SQL, AJAX, JQuery, Moneris, Can Post