The Ivory Club and Ebony Grille

The Ivory Club's unique business model and ability to book their facility months in advance required a specialized booking system.

ShiftUP created a website presence for the Ivory Club with a custom reservation system that allows organization of the callback list in detail. Bookings can be divided by reservation type, marked as 'called' to shift them to the bottom of the call list, alter times and dates of the bookings, indicate the booking wasn't able to be confirmed and delete bookings with invalid contact information. Additionally the system sends each booking type an appropriate e-mail message to confirm what happened on the phone call.

An additional feature of this booking system is that they now have a very extensive client list that they are able to e-mail about club special events and booking deals. The system also has the ability to change the daily specials and special events and have them instantly update the website.


  • Custom design
  • Nightclub weekly specials/events management
  • Dynamic booking form with call tracking
  • Customer membership tracking
  • Mass email functionality

Products Used: ASP.NET, MS SQL, Flash