Common Problems Small Businesses Have With Their Websites

by ShiftUP 15. October 2019 04:44

You're here looking at this blog post, so you're already thinking progressively about your website, which is a great step!  Understanding that you've got to keep on top of your web image and promote yourself online, is important for impressing existing clients and attracting new ones.

1. You Don't Have A Website

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No online presence means that people can't find you!  Whether it's your address, your hours of operation, or a fully ready online store that is open 24 hours a day, while you sleep.  People will decide where they want to do business via online research now before they ever set out to your business location, so make sure you can be found! 

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2. Your Website Is Out Of Date

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The only thing that is worse for your online image than no website at all, is an outdated website!  If your website looks like it's wearing clothes a few sizes too small, let us help you fit it with a new look.  You don't want your customers to think you don't care about your website, as it can look to them like you don't care about your business.

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3. Your Website Is Hard To Navigate Or Missing Functionalities

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If your website is really hard to navigate and customers can't find what they're looking for within 3 clicks or so, they'll give up and move on to the next business.  Have your customers been asking you to insert features into your website to make their lives easier?  Have you noticed deficiencies in your website's offerings?  We can help you take care of all of those (Those are all pizza choices at a restaurant in the image by the way).

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4. Your Website Isn't Mobile Compatible

Why be concerned how your site looks on mobile phones and tablets?  In 2016, mobile web usage surpassed desktop use, in Edmonton on one of our sites that has almost 1 million visits per year, the percentage is now 68% on mobile.  So if you're still showing them a desktop only website, you're showing them those shrinking clothes again I was talking about in out of date websites.  One more point to consider with mobile is google's new mobile first ranking for people searching from their phones.  That means that if they're searching for a business like yours on their phone and your website fails a mobile compatibility check, you get moved underneath sites that are mobile compatible (you can check here).

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